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Assignment:For Sale

Deadline: : Mar 03 2017
Location: USA
Category: For Sale

1966 Citroen deux chevaux , 2CV

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 By: PilotMark
 Published: Dec 19 2016

What a Great car. It's been in the family for 20 plus years, maybe 30 plus.

This will give you a short driving experience. One of the most unique driving experiences of any car at any price.

For Sale Mark 757 339 8816

1948 to 1990 8.8 million produced as 2CV and variants
425 cc producing 2 French Horse Power
French: "deux chevaux"
"deux chevaux-vapeur" (lit. "two steam horses"),
About 12 U.S. Horse Power when new.
2 Cyclinders, air cooled, front engine, front wheel drive
Dual Clutches
Normal clutch for starting and shifting and centrifugal clutch which stays disengaged until the rpm increase.
1070 LBs - without passengers.
Gas Mileage – about two tanks a year.
0 to 60 mph - only down a steep hill.


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