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Assignment:For Sale

Deadline: : Mar 03 2017
Location: USA
Category: For Sale

2 CV for sale photo walk around

 By: PilotMark
 Published: Dec 19 2016

For Sale Mark 757 339 8816

1948 to 1990 8.8 million produced as 2CV and variants
425 cc producing 2 French Horse Power
French: "deux chevaux"
"deux chevaux-vapeur" (lit. "two steam horses"),
About 12 U.S. Horse Power when new.
2 Cyclinders, air cooled, front engine, front wheel drive
Dual Clutches
Normal clutch for starting and shifting and centrifugal clutch which stays disengaged until the rpm increase.
1070 LBs - without passengers.
Gas Mileage – about two tanks a year.
0 to 60 mph - only down a steep hill.


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