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Deadline: : Jan 31 2020
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The Arboretum of South Barrington SuperCar Saturday

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 By: PilotMark
 Published: Jul 06 2018

Don't miss the July 7th Supercar Saturdays event THIS WEEKEND!
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Our third Supercar Saturdays event of 2018 will take place THIS SATURDAY July 7th at The Arboretum of South Barrington from 9 AM until noon (however please arrive at 8 AM if you plan to display your car).

Got questions? We've got answers. CHECK OUT OUR FAQ PAGE

Volunteers Needed
Any event is only as good as the team that runs it and SCS NEEDS YOUR HELP for 2018! We are seeking volunteers to help assist with event operations. Interested? Please contact to discuss!

2018 Event Dates and Location

All 2018 events will be held at The Arboretum of South Barrington. Remaining 2018 event dates are as follows, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!:
May 5th
June 2nd
July 7th
August 4th
September 1st

Sponsorship Opportunities Available
There are a few sponsorship opportunities still available for the 2018 season! Drop us a line if you or someone you know is interested in supporting our event!

FAILURE TO FOLLOW STAFF INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN EJECTION FROM THE EVENT. If you break the rules you will be asked to leave immediately and without warning. If you break them a second time, you will be banned from all future events, period.
1) NO SOLICITATION OF ANY KIND, no passing out flyers, no flyers or business cards on your cars, and no covering your car from top to bottom, nose to tail in decals to promote your or any other business or entity (except by the event sponsor)
2) Be safe, respectful and tasteful – No Speeding, no racing, no burnouts, or other unsafe driving. THIS INCLUDES TEARING OUT OF THE PARKING LOT. We want the event site to be safe for all those attend.
3) No standing at event exits or entrances for any reason; it is unsafe.
4) No excessive engine noise people live near Supercar Saturdays venues, and we'd like to let them sleep in on Saturday mornings. THIS MEANS NO REVVING
5) No parking in handicap spaces, they exist because people need them, enough said
6) If you are a car dealer, broker, or otherwise sell cars as a profession or at a profit, click here for an additional set of rules that applies directly to you

Arrival Information
As you probably know by now, Saturday's Supercar Saturdays event will take place at The Arboretum of South Barrington. Please see the map below and follow the signs to the event as you will need to enter from one specific entrance, all others will be blocked. CLICK HERE FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS.

Roll-in will begin promptly at 8:00 AM. Please follow the Supercar Saturdays signs by turning into the Arboretum from either the entrance off of Bartlett Road or the entrance at the corner of Higgins and Arboretum Drive (see map below). If you choose to arrive early that is your choice, please do not expect to park inside the venue before 8 AM. Do not come in through any other entrance or you will find yourself at a roadblock and sent back out to the main road. Please on the maps below for more detail.

Venue Map

We park cars at this event as they arrive on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on the change away from the previously used preferred parking system several years ago, check out this blog post.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only receive one email regardless of the number of cars you registered. Also, due to the large turnout of cars expected at the event, we highly recommend arriving between 8 and 8:30 so that you're parked and ready to go by the time all of the stragglers roll in around 9.


The forecast for Supercar Saturdays Saturday is 83 degrees with a 0% chance of precipitation later in the day. We WILL be running the event Saturday...because we always do and because there's no reason not to!

Follow us on Instagram @supercarsaturdays for event pictures and photos of your car. Don't forget to tag your posts with #supercarsaturdays to share the love with other attendees!

Rules (you know, again for people who skipped them the first time)
Please take a moment to read through the event rules prior to your arrival.

Thanks for reading!
It looks like you read all the way down to the bottom. On behalf of all of the SCS volunteers, THANK YOU, attendees like you help make the event run more smoothly!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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